Collect Better Data With Logic

Use Survey Logic to Create Customized Experiences

Hide irrelevant questions, skip entire pages that don’t apply, and keep your respondents engaged with your survey using advanced survey logic and branching. Get better, more actionable data by showing respondents only the questions they need to answer.

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Get started with Logic and Branching to reduce survey fatigue and improve your data quality.

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Get better survey data with logic & branching

Skip Logic & Page Jumping

Make your surveys more responsive by using our advanced skip logic and page jumping features. Show and hide questions based on previous responses, or skip to a new page entirely.

Pipe in Existing Data

Use collected answers to automatically populate content in later questions. Looking to get more information on a previous answer, or just to call a respondent by name? This is the way to do it.

Customizable Response Quotas

Use quotas to automatically close your survey after it has collected a set amount of responses, or disqualify respondents that give an answer after it’s been given a set amount of times.

Customized survey experiences via logic and branching
Advanced Logic

Show only the questions and pages that matter to your respondents and reduce survey fatigue with advanced logic and branching. Even complex logic and branching surveys are quick and easy to set up and test.

Survey Login (password protection)
Give each respondent secure, unique access your survey
Hidden Value
Log data that is not visible to your respondents
Soft-Required Questions
Remind respondents after sumbitting the page when they missed a question
Quiz Score with Pass/Fail
Answers are evaluated as correct/incorrect based on your answer key
Quiz Score with Tally
Assign points per answer and keep a running total for a tally-style quiz
Send Email
Share survey results through a personalized email
Redirect Browser
Redirect respondents to external sites on completion or disqualification
Hide a Question by Default
Choose not to display a question unless certain conditions are met
Page Randomization
Prevent bias by randomizing the order of your survey's pages bias by randomizing the order of your survey's pages
Question Randomization
Change up the order in which your survey questions appear
Option Randomization
Randomize the pre-populated answers to your survey questions
Column Randomization
In a table style question, randomize the order of columns
Auto-Close Date
Set individual survey links to close automatically on a certain date
Link Quota
Automaticaly close your survey after it reaches number of responses
Question-Based Quota
Close surveys after a number of respondents has answered in a certain way
RegEx Validation
A sequence of characters used to validate specific string formats.
Duplicate Protection
Cookie and IP-Based protection allows for one response per computer
Scripting Control
Add Custom Scripting and JavaScript to your survey.
Show or Hide a Question
Use the answer to a previous question to show or hide another question
Advanced Page Jumping
Jump a respondent to a specific page based on previous answers
A/B Split Testing
Compare two versions of a survey to determine which one performs better

Reduce survey fatigue and ensure that the data you receive is accurate and consistent by automatically updating future questions with previous answers.

Question Piping
Repeat a question based on previously selected options
Option Piping
Append the answers from a question on a previous page to the answers of the current question
URL Variable Option Piping
Add a new option into a question from each value in a URL variable
Page Piping
Repeat an entire page of questions for each previously selected option