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Whether you want to email your existing contacts, gather responses via social media, or embed a form on your website, SurveyGizmo gives you the power to distribute your surveys far and wide.

You can even print out surveys and collect data offline with a mobile device. Wherever there’s data to gather, SurveyGizmo can take you there.

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Data collection choices as diverse as your responses

Send Email Invitations

Create an email campaign to reach thousands of respondents in a matter of minutes. Our full-featured email campaign manager lets you send out HTML and plain text email invitations and keep track of unsubscribes, bounces and other statistics.

Share with Social Media

Create Twitter surveys and Facebook surveys with the click of a button. Embed a survey within a blog post, or share it with a LinkedIn group. The more ways you can reach your audience, the better data you collect.

Embed Surveys on Your Website

Allow your users to take a survey without ever leaving your site. We offer several ways to embed surveys and forms on your website, including JavaScript and iFrame embeds. Just copy and paste the embed code from SurveyGizmo, and you’re good to go.

Distributing surveys and collecting the right data
It's Your Data

Reach your audience more easily and efficiently with built in survey distribution tools. The best part? There are no hidden fees or extra charges for the number of questions you ask or the number of responses you collect!

Responses Per Survey
Unlimited responses per survey!
Data Exporting
Easily export your responses for use in external systems or databases (CSV, Excel, PDF, or SPSS)
Never Delete Data
Data is secured so you never have to worry about it being lost
Data Import Tool
Import data into your survey from other surveys and external sources
Default Link
Use as the base of the link
Secure Link
Choose between Normal (http://) and Secure (https://) links
Short Link
Automatically generated shortened links
Branded Subdomain Link
Create a customized link using your subdomain
Private Domain Link
Completely branded link with no reference to SurveyGizmo
Embed a Survey

Seamless embeds allow you to display surveys and forms on your own webpages cleanly and easily. This is particularly popular when used for contact and donation forms.

JavaScript Embed
Embed surveys using JavaScript
iFrame Embed
Embed surveys using an iFrame
HTML Embed
Copy the HTML code for the first page of the survey
Pop-up Surveys
Display a survey on top of a user's current browser
Website Intercept Survey
Collect feedback from website visitors
Email Invitations

Connect with your respondents over email wihtout ever leaving the SurveyGizmo application. Send email invitations, automate personalized thank you messages, and much, much more.

Save and Continue Links
Let respondents save their progress so they can complete the survey at a later time
Plain Text Emails
Send emails in plain text
Test Emails
Send a test email to make sure your survey is ready for launch
HTML Emails
Send emails using HTML
Reminder Emails
Automate reminder emails
Thank You Messages
Send a thank you message to those that have completed your survey
Schedule Email Campaigns
Schedule email invitations to launch on your schedule
Specify "From and Reply" Addresses
Customize email from and reply to addresses
View Status of Sent Emails
See email bounces, unsubscribes, opens, and more
Secure Email Invite Links
Send secure survey links (SSL/HTTPS)

Explore Plans

With 1000s of features and multiple plan levels to choose from, there’s a SurveyGizmo account for you.

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Pay for Responses with a Panel

Finding the right panel company and negotiating for the best price is time consuming. We will work with the most respected panel companies in the business to ensure you receive the responses you need from the audience you're looking for.

Reach a Custom Audience
Work with our panel project manager to reach your target audience quickly and easily
Contact Management System

Manage your email contacts for survey distribution entirely from within the SurveyGizmo application. There's no need to leave the app for a separate management system.

Upload Contacts From File
Upload contacts directly into SurveyGizmo
Add a Single Contact
Easily manage contact information within our system
Kiosk Surveys
Kiosk Surveys
Auto-advance surveys after completion for kiosks, exhibits, and in-person events
Offline Surveys

Wherever you are, bring surveys with you. Collect data without internet access, then simply sync the data with your SurveyGizmo account when you make it back to an internet connection.

Offline Surveys
Create HTML5 surveys that let you collect data without internet access
QR Codes
Create and use QR codes for respondents to easily scan and reach survey on cell phones
QR Codes/2D Matrix
Allows users to take your surveys by scanning QR codes (2D matrices)
Anonymous Surveys
Protect privacy and collect truthful responses with respondent anonymity
Anonymous Survey Data
Collect anonymous survey data from respondents